Flagstaff & Tucson Planting Guides

 A quick reference garden mate for everything you need to know to be a successful gardener in your town!

For the novice and experienced gardener.  On this double-sided, colorful, laminated sheet, you will find (varies slightly by region):

  • A year-round garden timetable
  • Cool vs warm weather crops
  • # of days from seed until harvest (shortest to longest)
  • # of days until germination (sprouting, shortest to longest)
  • Good and bad companion plants (which plants grow well/poorly as neighbors)
  • Which plants don't transplant well
  • Local edibles foraging calendar
  • Soil health, mulch, thinning, seed planting depth, sun & water needs
  • Edible & noxious weeds, native flowers
  • Local expert advice about the easiest & hardest vegetables to grow in Flagstaff
  • And more! 
  • FOR THE BEGINNING GARDENER I have consistently heard people say "It's too hard to garden in Flagstaff," or "It's all so overwhelming - I don't know where to start."  My aim is to be a gardening cheerleader and dispel the myths of its complexity. 
  • Now everything you need to know to be a successful gardener in Flagstaff or Tucson can be found on one double-sided sheet - how difficult could it be? It is simple:  find some dirt, a shovel, some seeds, and this guide, and you'll be fine!

  • FOR THE SEASONED GROWER  If you have been gardening for years, it's nice to have the numbers and dates and details stored durably year after year AND to have all of your information compiled into one easy-to-use reference sheet.

  • “While running a nursery and helping lots of gardeners, I still find that I lose track of when to plant certain veggies.  The Flagstaff Planting Guide is a great, quick reference for me and my customers.”

    Art Escobedo, Owner, Viola’s Flower Garden, Flagstaff, AZ

    My customers love the Flagstaff Planting Guide not only because it contains extremely helpful, detailed information but also because it is waterproof and very easy to read. The references it contains on dates for planting and harvesting take out the unknowns for Do-It-Yourself consumers.”

    Lewis Palmer, Store Manager, HomCo Ace Hardware, Flagstaff, AZ

    "The Flagstaff Planting Guide is a great resource for vegetable gardening and useful for both the beginning and experienced gardener.  It is packed full of just the right amount of information on what to plant and when as well as providing many excellent tips for successful growing."

    Hattie Braun, Master Gardener Program Coordinator, University of Arizona, Coconino County Cooperative Extension